Waterbom Bali is an Official Fundraising Partner for the Bali Water Protection Program

01 Nov

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Waterbom Bali is an Official Fundraising Partner for the Bali Water Protection Program

BALI (Nov. 1, 2016) – Waterbom Bali has started their fundraising programme in collaboration with IDEP Foundation for their Bali Water Protection program. Waterbom Bali is asking every customer to support Bali Water Protection (BWP) program by donating their wristband’s deposit and, if very generous, what would be left in the wristband. Everyone can help restore Bali freshwater as a part of the new “Bali Water Protection” campaign created by IDEP Foundation and Waterbom Bali as one of the partner. The Bali Water Protection (BWP) program aims to restore the groundwater and  educates the public on Bali freshwater issues.

Water is a serious problem today Bali is in crisis and running out of freshwater as the ecosystem is very close to collapse. If the crisis is not inverted now, there simply will not be enough water for Bali and future generation. It is the basis for Waterbom Bali to participate in this program.

Waterbom Bali in its mission to be the first eco-sustainable company in the waterpark industry, setting a benchmark for being socially responsible, culturally sensitive and environmentally aware on a consistent sustainable basis. The mission of Waterbom Bali aligned with Bali Water Protection program, is to ensure that the Balinese, the island’s flora & fauna, every rice seedling, tourist & business owners will have secure and sustainable access to clean freshwater in the future. Through this campaign, we expect to inspire people to care about the water, a resources that should not be wasted. 

All donations collected from this social campaign will be used to restore Bali’s freshwater and BWP three subprograms. The first solution called Adopt A Well, it will be building or rehabilitate 136 recharge wells in 13 critical areas in Bali, train 10 construction supervisors also publish a building manual. Freshwater recharge wells, around 6 > 20 meters deep wells will be designed to use topography and gravity to feed the aquifer with abundantly available rainwater. The Adopt A Well program aims to infiltrate rainwater back in to the ground to recharge the depleted watertables. The second program called Adopt Rivers is intended to teach kids to be  river ambassadors and launch a public education program in 132 schools and establish a network of river steward schools. The last program is Adopt Water. This program involves a media campaign to raise general water awareness and influence actions to protect Bali’s water resources during a one year campaign. This campaign will reach out wide scale public engagement include school education and stewardship program, billboards, TV broadcasting of celebrity host talk shows and key documentary films.

Environmental issues affect every person, community and nation, as increasing evidence supports the devastating effect humans have on the environment. Waterbom Bali established since 1993 and every day welcome visitors from all over the world, with a commitment to provide the best service to make happiest day for their customers. Waterbom Bali also committed to reducing the use of energy and water savings as well as carry out education for their customer.